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Account Management

When will my account be activated?

We start setting up your account immediately after you sign up. It can take up to 72 hours for your account to be activated, but it’s usually less than 24 hours.

When the account is ready to use, you will receive an email notification and can start using it immediately.

When logging in for the first time, choose the stations you wish to log. If the station you want is not currently available, you can request it to be added. It will be available in less than 72 hours.

Then add additional subscriptions and users, if any. Each additional user needs their own subscription.

How do I upgrade or downgrade my account?

It’s easy to upgrade or downgrade any subscription.

Only the administrator for the account is allowed to make changes for users and subscriptions in that account.

Just click on the Company page to find options available.

You can add more users and subscriptions, upgrade or downgrade subscriptions, and add stations.

It takes up to 72 hours for changes to take place.

Who has access to my subscription?

Each subscription can be accessed by one user. When you signed, you receive one user account and one subscription.

The administrator can add as many subscriptions as needed to the account. Simply login and click on Subscriptions. You can add Bronze, Silver or Gold subscriptions.

When the subscriptions are approved and activated (within 48 hours), you can then assign the subscriptions to users.

Simply click Invite New Users and choose the subscription you want them to have.

Please note that each subscription will be added to your monthly payment at the rates on our Pricing Page here.

All of my stations are greyed out. Why can’t I listen?

There are two possible reasons:

First, ensure there is a Subscription attached to your AudioLogger User profile.

Each User must have a subscription to access AudioLogger features.

The other common reason is that you’re not on the Audio Player page. Navigate to that page by clicking on the Player icon on the left side of your screen.

If you have tried both of these solutions and are still not able to access the player or stations in your account, open a support ticket and we’ll look into it.

Can I monitor one station for a period of time, then switch to another?

You get 24 hours access to all the stations chosen in your account.

You can add stations to an account at any time for a small monthly fee.

You are allowed to change stations monitored once per month. So, if you decide you no longer need to monitor Station A, you can drop them and add Station B to take its place. But any change locks those choices for 30 days.

What if I want to cancel? What do I do?

We don’t think you’ll want to, but just in case you need to cancel your AudioLogger account, just navigate to our Contact Page and send a message. Your payments will immediately be halted, and you will continue to have access through the current billing cycle. For example, if you sign up on the 3rd of the month, the billing cycle will be through the 2nd of the following month.

We do not refund unused portions of a billing cycle.


How do you export music logs and playlists?

From the Player page, click the Export Songs icon next to the Search box.

In the dialogue box, choose the dates for the report. Then in the Export box, select Chronological for a music log or Most Played song playlist.

Finally, click Export and choose a location for the file.

Does AudioLogger work on mobile devices?

Yes, it works on all platforms and devices, including mobile phones and tablets.

How long is audio stored?

By default, all accounts have access to audio for 30 days. You can extend the 30 days indefinitely for a small charge. See the current rates for extra storage pricing on our pricing page.

Tell me about speech to text. How does it work?

When activated, AudioLogger listens to every spoken word and transcribes it to text. You can search all audio for any keyword to display every instance those words were mentioned.

You can also transcribe any audio segment and export the results as a text file. Contact Us for information on how to activate this upgrade.

Why would I want to transform audio to video?

Many studies have proven that online video is much more popular than audio files, even if the video is simply still images. Plus, video is more likely to be shared.

Video can have a dramatic effect on spreading your message, increasing tune-in, and driving ratings. That’s especially true in a PPM market. Listening to encoded audio results in rating credit.

AudioLogger’s audio to video feature adds a waveform element to give the video movement. Other online services charge a premium just to provide this service, but it is included as a feature for Gold subscribers.

Tell Me About The Advanced Analytics

AudioLogger provides a detailed analysis of your audio stream including data that shows when users tune in and tune out. But it goes far deeper. We can also show when they turn the volume up and down and hundreds of other useful data points.

The Advanced Analytics feature is available to Gold subscribers. There is a one-time $999 setup fee. Contact us for more information and to get started.

Payments & Pricing

Which subscription is best for me?

The best subscription tier depends on how you plan to use AudioLogger.

Here are some typical examples:

Bronze: I want to monitor, archive, and download audio segments for my stations.

Silver: I want to track music logs and playlists, provide segments to listeners, guests, and advertisers via email link, edit audio before exporting, and bookmark segments to collaborate with others on my team.

Gold: I want it all, including the ability to convert audio to video, track usage statistics, use audio fingerprinting, and get advanced automated features.

If you’re not sure which is best for you, start with a Bronze or Silver subscription. You can upgrade a subscription plan anytime.

How and when can I make changes to stations monitored?

You can change stations in your account once per month with no additional charge.

For example, if you want to remove a station and replace it with another, you can do that. However, changes to stations monitored can be made only once every 30 days. Any changes made will lock all selections for the month. So choose carefully and make all changes at one time.

To change stations, navigate to the Stations tab in your account:

From there, simply de-select the station you wish to remove and then select the station you wish to add by clicking on the box next to the station. Remember to save your changes by clicking the Save icon in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

You can add stations to your account at any time. Each new station will result in an additional fee, prorated to the date the station is added. Changes made during a month will be added to the following month’s charges and a prorated fee for additional days used (in the previous month) will be included. For details on how to add stations, click here.

To reduce the number of stations monitored, contact us through Support here. Your account will be adjusted in AudioLogger.


  • If you wish to reduce the stations monitored, please ensure the number of stations active in your account is at or below the number of stations you wish. If you’re actively monitoring 10 stations, we cannot reduce your account to fewer than 10.
  • You will be charged for the total number of stations you have chosen to monitor. However, to reduce charges, you must contact us. Removing a station from active status in your account will not reduce charges. In other words, if your account is activated to monitor 10 stations, but you have only chosen 8, you will be charged for 10.

Can I monitor one station for a period of time, then switch to another?

You get 24 hours access to all the stations chosen in your account.

You can add stations to an account at any time for a small monthly fee.

You are allowed to change stations monitored once per month. So, if you decide you no longer need to monitor Station A, you can drop them and add Station B to take its place. But any change locks those choices for 30 days.

Stream Management

How do I add a new station to my account?

It’s easy to add a station.

Adding a station is only possible if you have purchased enough stations in your account. So first, ensure there are open station slots available.

First, be sure you are on the Company page by clicking on the icon on the left of your screen.

Next, click on the Stations tab.

Check to see how many stations you are monitoring and if there are slots available.

If you have open slots, you can choose any available station by clicking the box next to that station. if no slots are available, click to change the number of stations. Once the request is confirmed (within 24 hours), you will receive an email notification.

Important: Remember to SAVE the changes by clicking on the icon at the lower right corner of the screen.